Having a new canine companion comes with its own challenges. Whether your new dog is a puppy or an adult, there are a few things to you have to prepare for in advance so that your home is comfortable for your new furry buddy. As dogs are often scared, appear aloof and show signs of fear when they enter new territories, it is necessary that you have everything set up at home before your new dog comes home.

1. Prior planning is the key –

The things to get for your new dog or puppy before you bring them home include, a comfy bed, a food bowl, a water bowl, toys for keeping them calm and grooming accessories, teething accessories, a collar and harness and medications that are recommended by a veterinarian. From training to vet appointments and vaccinations, you will need to read up about the prerequisites of owning a dog.

2. Find a veterinarian to guide you –

Before you adopt a dog, make sure you take an appointment with a vet so that you will have a checklist. From scheduling regular appointments to guiding you through your dog ownership, a good vet will surely help you in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with your dog.


3. Pay attention to the feeding instructions and nutrition –

No matter what brand of dog food you opt for, make sure you have consulted a vet and read the nutritional label on the packaging. You will also need to learn and study about pet food types and proper feeding portions that will help you come up with a healthy diet plan for your dog. Review the basics of canine nutrition and you will be set to give your dog an active and hearty lifestyle.

4. Prepare for puppy training –

Get control over your dog’s behaviour by inculcating a sense of structure. Proper training can help your dog live a healthier and happier life in the long run. All you have to do it take a little time out every day to train them with basic commands to build a strong bond with them.

5. Equip with grooming accessories –

From shampoo and conditioner to keep your dog’s coat clean, shiny and healthy, to brushes to control shedding, you need to keep all grooming accessories handy before bringing a dog home. You will also have to stay precautious about ticks and claw and paw care.

Fragrances to choose from

6. Spend time with your dog by taking them of regular walks –

As dog walking not only gives them exercise, but also provides a basic support for mental health. Walking your dog also covers benefits, including early socialisation and practical training tips. An outdoor stroll every day or at least several times each week will help your canine companion be balanced, healthy and happy.

Bringing a dog home is a big commitment and comes along with a lot of responsibilities. As you are the sole provider of care, entertainment and food for the rest of your dog’s life, you will be able to establish a happy, meaningful and coexistent relationship with your pup with the right learning.

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