Save HOURS of your time and get BETTER rankings. 

Use Long Tail Pro’s step-by-step system to discover thousands of profitable keywords and calculate Keyword Competitiveness for any niche.

Find Low Competition Keywords for Your Site in Minutes

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

Exact Search Volume, and Keyword Competitiveness

Long Tail Pro provides exact search volume data, as well as our industry-leading Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric. You can search for specific keywords, or get hundreds of keyword suggestions at a time.

Find Hundreds of New Low Competition Keywords 

Use the Google AdWords Suggestions to find hundreds of new related keywords in minutes, for any country or language.

Pick the Best Keywords, with Personalized Metrics

View your domain statistics and pick the best keywords for your site. Use Target KC to find out which keywords are easy, which ones will take extra effort, and which ones to avoid.

In-Depth Competition Analysis

Long Tail Pro Competition Analysis

You Can Now Track Your Rankings Over Time and Get Better Results

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker
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