Keeping kids busy and learning through summer is a challenge for many parents. Thankfully, the warmer weather and longer days provide an opportunity to encourage kids to get outside, be active, and spend a few hours learning something new.

If you’re looking for ways to keep kids busy and engaged in learning this summer, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled these fun outdoor activities to help you encourage your child to get outside, explore, and keep learning through summer.

Get Your Kids Moving and Coding!

Try this activity to help your kids learn and practice the coding concepts of loops and sequencing as they have a blast coming up with their own creative and silly dance routines. Encourage your kids to try as many dance move combinations as possible to help them gain a greater understanding of these fundamental coding concepts and keep them busy for an hour or two. 

Go On a Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Encourage your child to sharpen their senses and observation skills as they explore the outdoors with this fun printable. Ask your child to complete this printable activity whenever you go on a hike or a walk around the neighborhood and have them read through and reflect on their findings at the end of the summer.

Start a Nature Journal

Sharpen your child’s observation and writing skills this summer by encouraging them to start a nature journal. Encourage them to spend a few hours outdoors each week observing nature and writing down what they see, how it makes them feel, and what they’ve learned.

If your child is feeling especially creative, they can even draw pictures or glue in found objects that will help them visualize and reflect on their experience in the future.

Build Planters Out of Recycled Materials 

Try this activity to teach your child about sustainability and encourage them to discover their inner gardener. We recommend choosing a variety of plants to allow your child to better observe and compare what conditions are best for each plant to grow. 

Create an Obstacle Course with Chalk

Nurture your child’s problem-solving skills by creating an outdoor obstacle course with chalk. Once kids get a hang of this activity, you can make it more challenging by asking players to complete the obstacle course backwards, further spacing out sections of the obstacle course, or adding math problems or riddles for them to solve in different sections. 

Learn to Code With a Game of Robot Commander

Try this activity to help kids learn and practice coding fundamentals as they take turns being the robot commander and creating unique algorithms for their friends or siblings to follow. 

Make Learning Fun With Hundreds of Coding Activities

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