As Valentine’s Day is approaching, you must be planning dinner dates, thinking of giving roses and teddy bears to your partner, deciding to confess your feelings to that office crush or finally buying the perfect dress. But if you are simply thinking of escaping this mayhem and hiding under the blanket with your dog, don’t worry you are not alone. Celebrating the day of love with your furry friend whom you adore is probably the best way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Now that you’ve got another reason to pamper your Valentine, we bring you a list of things to do for an amazing day ahead:

Dog 2

1. Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Memories go a long way, especially the ones made with your fur ball. Grab your phone or hire a professional photographer to capture the love and chemistry you share with your doggo. You can also set up a double date by inviting any friend with a pup for the shoot. Go be cheesy, crazy and clingy!

2. Give a Gift To Your Pup

Shower your dog with some love by giving him a gift on Valentines. Get him a toy that he can have fun with, a sweatshirt saying ‘Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat’ or his favourite treat. Something to engage him with always makes a great gift, followed by delicious food that he cannot say no to. Dogs are not very demanding and will love you even if you decide to just play with him all day.

3. Whip-Up Some Premium Food And Show Him You Care

A nutritionally balanced diet is crucial for the healthy growth and development of the dog and will prepare him for a long, active and healthy life. However, not all dogs are the same, so why feed them the same food? Take care of your pet by feeding him premium recipes tailored to meet his unique needs.

To nurture your dog’s uniqueness, following are some of the key ingredients you should look for before buying dog food:

• Fermentable Beet Pulp that maintains intestinal health by providing short-chain fatty acids for intestinal cells.

• Ingredients that support strong and healthy bones and muscles.

• Crunchy kibbles so he does not face any problem while chewing the food.

• Vitamin E rich food to help support his natural defense and immunity.

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4. Long Walks

Bond with your dog by taking him for a nice long walk in the neighborhood. When your dog sees the amount of attention he is getting, he will be thrilled. It is also the perfect way for you to spend some quality time with the little one and help him get some exercise along with a lot of fun.

5. Teach him some new tricks

What better way to spend this day of love than teaching your pet to be smarter and naughtier? You can educate him to crawl, roll over, fetch, give paw etc. Make sure you treat him with his favourite treat or food after he successfully completes his trick.

6. Movie Night On The Couch

If you don’t feel like going out, make a nice hot chocolate, put on a movie and spend the night cuddling with your dog on the couch. He never thinks there is anything like too much hugs and cuddles. Your canine friend loves snuggling, just like you do.

So don’t sigh if you have no human date this Valentines Day, your dog has got you covered!

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