In this article we will explain how to create category based subscription in WordPress with MailChimp.

Identify Categories for Subscription

The first step is to prepare how many categories you want to offer for subscription. Choose five or six major and important categories on your site.

Getting RSS Feed for WordPress Categories

Each category in WordPress site will have a unique RSS feed like below:

Category URL:

Category RSS Feed URL:

Note down RSS feed URLs of all identified categories.

Login to your MailChimp account.

Create Groups as below.

You can select the groups checkbox as required. In this we select the first option.

Save your changes to create new groups under your list.

Create RSS Campaign

Once the groups are created, the group category name will be shown under “Manage Subscribers > Groups” of your list. You can view the group details by clicking on the “View Groups” button. Each group should be assigned to your WordPress category feed URL obtained. Click on the “Send to” option available against the group name and choose “RSS Campaign” option.

Enter the category RSS feed URL and choose the timing for sending automated campaign. When there is a new content available under the feed URL then MailChimp will automatically trigger the newsletter to the subscribers. Follow the wizard to create your RSS campaign.

Create RSS campaigns for all individual groups by assigning corresponding category RSS feed URL.

Enter the Campaign info details as below.

Select a template for email and edit as required. We can choose as following basic or featured template.

Once you finished all details click Next.

You are all set to Send ! Start RSS.

Your first RSS email will be sent as you scheduled. You can track the stats as above.

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