AD Administrative Center is the easiest management tool to get to grips with. You’ll need to log in to Windows Server 2016 with a domain administrator account To run ADAC, start Server Manager by clicking the blue icon next to the Start button on the desktop taskbar. In Server Manager, select ADAC from the Tools menu.
  In the ADAC, click Users below ad (local) in the left pane.

In the Tasks pane on the right, click New under Users, and select User from the menu.In the Create User dialog box, Start by filling out the First name and Last name fields, and the Full name.All new users must have a Same Account Name, which is the user’s AD logon name. Enter and confirm a password, and then click OK.

 The user will be required to change the password the first time they log on, and don’t forget that the password you set must meet the password complexity requirements set in domain policy.

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