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I recently installed SAP GUI on my MAC , OS yosemite . After some pitfalls I managed to make it up and running .

So , I thought of writing the steps followed for others striving to achieve the same .

1) Download the JRE8 u 45 from the below link

Java SE Runtime Environment 8 – Downloads

Select the “Mac OS X x64” option in the above link

2) Once the download is complete , install the same on your machine

3) Download the JDK8 u 45 from the below link

Java SE Development Kit 8 – Downloads

Select the “Mac OS X x64” option in the above link

4) Once the download is complete , install the same on your machine

5) Download the SAP GUI for JAVA , from sap service market place  , download centre by following the below link

A- Z Index | SAP Support Portal

6) Click on the Index “G” .

7) Enter user SAP service marketplace S-User credentials and locate “SAP GUI for JAVA” and click to open the link

8) Click on the “SAP GUI For JAVA 7.40” link on the screen

9) On the next screen , click on “MacOs” and in the “Downlaod” subscreen  , select the “JAR” file , PlatinGUI740_2-20012037.JAR ,

with the highest patch level , and add it you download basket to download it .

10) Finally download the “PlatinManual_2-20012037.JAR” file  from your download basket to your local machine

11) Once the download is complete , look for the file “”  in your Mac

12) Extract the jar file by double clicking the downloaded file , “”

13) Open the extracted folder , and locate the “GuiStartS.jar” file

14) Double click the “GuiStartS.jar” file and start installing the SAP GUI for JAVA on your machine

15) Follow the steps shown , by clicking “Next”

16) Once the installation is complete , you will find the  “SAP GUI for JAVA” logon pad in your Launchpad

17) Next step is to add an SAP system . To do that open the “SAP GUI forJAVA” logon pad

18) Next select “JAVA GUI services” in the dropdown next to Delete icon

19) Now push the “Create New” icon button , button next to “Connect” button on the Top Left corner

20)  In the window open , add description and navigate to “Advanced” tab

21) Select the checkbox : Expert Mode and add the connection string as below

conn=/H/<SAP Router Server address(if any)>/S/3299/H/<SAP server address>/S/32<Instance_no>



Note : For connection type server group , the connection string should be as below :

conn=/M/<message server address>/S/<message server port no>/G/<Log on Group name>

22) Once done click OK . You will find the new system added in the SAP GUI log on pad

23) Finally test the connection by selecting the added system and clicking on “Connect” button

There you go !! You are up and running .

Hope you find this blog helpful .

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