For Microsoft Windows:

Click on the Windows “Start” menu in the lower-left corner of the screen –> “Control Panel” –> “Programs” –> “Java”.

Setting the Security levels through the Java Control Panel

In the Java Control Panel, click on the Security tab.

Select the desired Security level.

Click Apply.

Click OK to save changes made to the Java Control Panel.

Java Control Panel – Java 8u20 and later versions


If there is a “Exception Site List” section in this window, click on the “Edit Site List…” button –> Click the “Add” button –> Type in the web server location for the Java applet like ” –> Click the “OK” button –> Click the “OK” button.

Java Control Panel – Java 7


If there is no “Exception Site List” section in this window –> Slide the “Security Level” indicator from “High” down to “Medium” –> Click the “Apply” button –> Click the “OK” button.

Close ALL of the open windows. You must completely QUIT the web browser or this workaround will fail.

Re-launch the web browser.

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