Open Active Directory Users and Computers MMC

Right click the folder where you want to create the new user account, select new and then click user. If you have not created additional organizational units, you can put the new account in the Users folder.

First name: Fill in user’s first name.

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Initials: Fill in user’s middle initials. This can be used if there are conflicts when creating the user logon name.Last name: Fill in user’s last name.Full name: This will fill in automatically.User logon name: This is the name used to log into windows domain.

In the password and confirm password field type the user’s password, click next and finish.

This completes creating the new Active Directory user account.

 At this point you may need to open the account.

Add additional information such as: Address, Profile path, Logon script, Organization details and adding the user to other Active Directory groups to provide access to additional domain resources.

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