Generic Objects Management

This plugin allows you to do the inventory of new item types without having to code, it allows you to create those new item types, it allows type creation, manages available fields. Has full integration with the software (Helpdesk, loans, templates, etc.) It has support and connectivity for and with the File Injection plugin


Download plugin and save in server glpi plugins folder like below location


Once you copied go to Setup menu select Plugins.

And install and enable the Objects management


Now you can create your required asset in asset list i.e. below

Go to : Setup > Object Management

Create asset object


Once you create an object now you can select your required Behavior fields from list.


You can also select fields from the list and can be added into asset. And next give rights to various admins.


landing page builder

GLPI Lock fields


A new feature was implemented to prevent two users to modify the same object (or ticket inventory item) at the same time.

For example, two technicians cannot work on the same ticket simultaneously.

You can turn it in Setup menu> General and select the objects concerned.

Goto Setup > General > Item Locks will be viewed select ” Use Locks ” Yes & Save .And select the item that need to be lock.


When an object is opened twice, the second opening is in a profile in “read only” to prevent any editing.

A message appears indicating the locking element, with the date and the author the first opening.

If one user opens the same object several times, it will be able to unlock the object.

We can unlock the asset by clicking on that message.


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