The OCS Inventory NG Agent Deployment Tool allows you to remotely push installation of OCS Inventory NG Agent on computers. You just need to have administrative credentials on remote computer and it will do the job for you. OCS Inventory

To install OCS Inventory NG Agent Deployment Tool, download zip archive from our download page.

  • Uncompress the zip file and run OCS-NG-Agent-Deployment-Tool-Setup.exe on a Windows Computer.
OCS Inventory

Click [ Next ] button

Validate license agreement by clicking [ I agree ] button

  • Choose destination folder, C:\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent Deployement Tool” by default (“C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent Deployment tool under Windows 64 bits), and click [ Next ] button
  • Choose start menu folder, OCS Inventory NG\Agent Deployement Tool by default, and click [ Install ] button.
  • After[ Finish ] button to close OCS inventory NG Agent Deployment Tool Setup. Setup can start the tool for you if you the box Start OCS Inventory NG Agent Deplyment Tool is checked
  • Click on [ Options ] button of Agent Deployment Tool main window to display settings.

You have to provide path too :

Microsoft SysInternals PsExec.exe tool (click on the link to open your browser with SysInternals Home page and download PsTools suite from here).

PuTTY.exe SSH and Pscp.exe tools (click on the link to open your bowser with PuTTY Home page and donwload tools from here).

Click [ OK ] button to save changes.

Pushing OCS Inventory NG agent for Windows setup

Note: To push setup, administrative shares have to be enabled on remote computer. Moreover, on computers

not members of a Windows domain, you have to disable “Using simple share (recommended)”

using “Folders options”.

Click on [ Windows Agent ] button of Agent Deployment Tool main window to start deploying on Windows computers. You can choose to deploy Agent on all Windows computers within the specified IP range, a list of manually selected computers: select them in the network neighborhood using button “Browse Network”, or specify them using UNC notation (\Computer_name or \IP_Address) or select multiple computers into Active Directory using button “Browse AD”, or import them from a file (file have to contain one IP or computer name by line)

Click [ Next ] button.

Select Windows Agent installer file to push,

Select optional plugin files to copy into plugins directory of the agent, as well as Select additional files to copy into Agent’s data folder, like certificate file,

Enter OCS Inventory NG server URL http://your_ocs_server/ocsinventory or http://your_ocs_server:ip_port/ocsinventory or https://your_ocs_server/ocsinventory or https://your_ocs_server:ip_port/ocsinventory

Check Enable verbose log to activate OCS Inventory Agent logs (same as /DEBUG parameter)

Check Do not register service if you do not wish to use service for launching Agent (same as /NO_SERVICE parameter)

Check Do not register Systray applet autostart if you do not wish to display OCS icon into Systray (same as /NO_SYSTRAY parameter)

Check Force inventory just after setup to force inventory launch after OCS agent installation (beware to OCS server load if you install a lot of computers at the same time !)


Enter additional parameters in Other options for Agent (/HKCU for example). Check Change Agent setup directory to modify OCS Inventory agent installation directory. Another Commandline options will also work, for all Options see below.

Again click [ Next ] button

Provide credentials of an Administrator account on remote computers with associated password and click [ Next ] button.

In the same way Enter to the Next screen start to begin the process.

Next, Agent deployment will start connecting and installing it.

Once its completed you can newly added assets in the OCS Inventory Server.


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