OCS Inventory NG Agent 2.X on Windows Operating Systems

    Agent Version        Compatibility Note

    2 . X        Does not work on Windows 9X, Windows Millennium Edition or Windows NT4. You need to use old 1.X agent 4061-1.

    2 . 1 . 1 . 1        On Windows XP and 2003R2 you can only use this Windows agent version.

    2 . 4        Last 32-bit compatible release.

    2 . 6        Agent is only installable on 64-bit machines.

    OCS Inventory NG Agent for Windows can run as a Windows service automatically at computer startup.

    It can also work as a standalone application which can be launched through a login script, an Active Directory GPO, a scheduled task or a shortcut in the Start menu.

    Note: We recommend using the service version of the Agent, especially if you plan to use the package

    deployment feature.

    Steps for Installation:

    Download from Official site:

    Manually installing OCS Inventory NG Agent for Windows.

    Run “OCS-NG-Windows-Agent-Setup.exe” on client computer..


    ..and click “Next” button


    Select Next then I agree on next screen.


    Select the installation type you want:

    • Network inventory: Computer can reach OCS Inventory NG Server through the network, and so, Agent will be launched using either a Windows Service, or a Logon/GPO script.
    • Local inventory: Computer is not connected to a network, or will never be able to reach OCS Inventory NG Server. You can generate an inventory of this computer and save to file to be imported later on server (see chapter Generating inventory of a non network connected Windows computer below).


    Change the URL address to http://localhost/ocsinventory

    Server credentials :

    User : admin

    Password : Password

    If needed, select proxy type to use to connect to Communication Server, proxy address and port, and proxy credentials if required (these credentials will be encrypted to be stored into configuration file). Agent support HTTP, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxies.

    By default, OCS Inventory Agent write only few information in log files. You may increase this enabling “Verbose log”. You may also disable TAG question, or specify the TAG value. Last, indicate which level of system integration you need:

    • Do not register service using LocalSystem account (i.e, use standalone agent, which must be launched manually or using login script).
    • Do not configure OCS Inventory NG Systray Applet to start automatically when user log in. This applet allows user to manually run agent, or to display inventory information. Disabling this option does not create shortcut link in “All users” startup menu.
    • Launch inventory just at the end of setup.


    Note : – Select the Immediately Launch inventory setup option


    Then on next screen select install and done.


    Choose destination folder, “C:\Program Files\OCS Inventory Agent” by default (“C:\Program Files (x86)\OCS Inventory Agent” under Windows 64 bits), and click “Install” button.


    Click “Finish” button to close OCS inventory NG Agent Setup.

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