Install Prerequisites for SCCM : We will also see the steps to create a system container, assign permissions for SCCM server on the container and extend the active directory schema. Before you can install Configuration Manager you should extend your Active Directory and give your SCCM server rights to create objects under the system container in AD.

Install Prerequisites for SCCM 2012 R2 in Window Server 2012 R2

Create System Management Container, Extend AD Schema

  • When you extend the active directory schema for Configuration Manager, it is a forest-wide, one-time, irreversible action.
  • To extend the AD schema, you must use an account that is a member of the Schema Admins group.
  • You can extend the schema before or after you install a Configuration Manager site. However, it’s best to extend the schema before you start to configure your sites and hierarchy settings.
  • After you extend the schema, the Active Directory global catalog replicates throughout the forest.

Create System Management Container

You create system management container one time in each domain that has a primary or secondary site. This will be used to publish data to Active Directory.

To Create System Management Container

  • Login to domain controller with a domain admin account.
  • Click Start , All ProgramsAdministrative Tools.
  • Select ADSI Edit.
  • Right click ADSI Edit and Click Connect to.
  • The naming context should be Default naming context. Click OK.
  • In the ADSI edit Console, Expand the Default Naming Context.
  • Right click CN=System, Click New and create an Object.
  • Select Container from the options. Click Next.

Provide the object value as System Management.

  •  Click Next and refresh the ADSI edit to see the system management container in the console.

As the value then click Next and then click Finish.

Complete the wizard and close ADSIEdit.

Now that we have created the system management container, we must grant the site server’s computer account the permissions that are required to publish site information to the container. The primary site server computer account must be granted Full Control permissions to the System Management container and all its child objects.

Site server computer account must be granted Full Control permissions to the System Management container. Click on Add, on select users, computers or groups window click on Object Types and check for Computers as object types. Click on OK. Type the name of the primary site server computer account and click on OK.

You must see the primary site server computer account listed under the users or groups. Click on Next.

On the Tasks to Delegate page, click on Create a custom task to delegate. Click on Next.

On the Active Directory Object Type window, select the option This folder, existing objects in this folder and creation of new objects in this folder. Click on Next.

We need to select the permissions to delegate, choose GeneralProperty Specific and Creation/deletion of specific child objects. Under the permissions, click on Full Control.

When you check the box for Full Control all the other permissions gets checked automatically. Click on Next and click on Finish to close the wizardWe have delegated full permissions to primary site server computer account on System Management container.

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