Install Zabbix Server : Zabbix is an open source network monitoring software designed to monitor and track the status of various network devices, servers, and virtual machines

If you not installed Oracle Linux then follow the below Video:

Oracle Linux 7 installation steps

Update the system using below command

# yum update

Step 1 –

Install Apache, MySQL and PHP for Install Zabbix Server

You must have a LAMP environment on your server to use Zabbix.

# yum install -y mariadb-server                          

# yum install php php-cli php-common php-devel php-pear php-gd php-mbstring php-mysql php-xml php-bcmath

# systemctl start httpd

Install Repository with MySQL database

# mysql_secure_installation

Configure yum repository to install Zabbix

CentOS/RHEL 7:

rpm -Uvh

Install Zabbix server

 # yum install zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-web-mysql zabbix-agent zabbix-java-gateway

Create initial database

# mysql -u root -p


mysql> create database zabbix character set utf8 collate utf8_bin;

mysql> grant all privileges on zabbix.* to zabbix@localhost identified by ‘Passw0rd’;


mysql> quit;

Import initial schema and data. You will be prompted to enter your newly created password.

# zcat /usr/share/doc/zabbix-server-mysql*/create.sql.gz | mysql –u zabbix -p zabbix

Configure the database for Zabbix server

Edit file /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf


Configure PHP for Zabbix frontend

Edit file /etc/httpd/conf.d/zabbix.conf, uncomment and set the right timezone for you.# php_value date.timezone Asia/Kolkata

Start Zabbix server and agent processes

Start Zabbix server and agent processes and make it start at system boot:

systemctl start zabbix-server zabbix-agent httpd mariadb

# systemctl restart zabbix-server zabbix-agent httpd mariadb

# systemctl enable zabbix-server zabbix-agent httpd mariadb

Now your Zabbix server is up and running!

1.    Configure Zabbix frontend

Connect to your newly installed Zabbix frontend: http://server_ip_or_name/zabbix

Follow steps described in Zabbix documentation: Installing frontend

2.    Start using Zabbix

Check for pre-requisites

Check if you meet all the system requirements. If not configure your php.ini.

Configure DB Connection

Fill your DB details which you created and click on Next Step 

On this Zabbix server details. Please edit your server details and Click Next.

Pre-Installation Summary

This will give you a summary of your configuration. Click on Next Step

Install Zabbix

Click on Finish button to install Zabbix server

Install Zabbix

Click on Finish button to install Zabbix server

Install and configure Zabbix 3.4 on Linux Read a blog for linux installation

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