Tired of using shampoos, lotions, gels and conditioners for your hair fall treatment? It is true that after some time hair fall becomes emotionally painful for many people in modern lifestyle.

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But you can grow your hair and improve its quality by following some easy steps.
• Intake of oily and fried foods, potato and peanuts increases oil in your sebum which induces activity of enzymes and results in hair loss. So try to avoid oil food, pastries, sweets, soft drinks and packed food to protect your hair. Have nutritional diet plan to maintain the hair roots strong and productive.
• It you are regular smoker then ready made free radicals will block the blood vessels which nourish the hair roots.
• If you have a hectic schedule at work and you are stressed all the time, try to take proper six to eight hours of sleep. Stress results in hormonal and chemical changes which is one of the reason to early hair loss.
Sweating is great way for treatment hair growth, try to exercise and improve blood circulation of the skin. It helps in accumulation of the scalp and hair roots.

• Try to keep your hair away from excess of heat and cold. While taking sauna bath, visiting a cold country and sitting in direct contact to A.C, try to cover your hair as it results in hair loss.
• Washing your hair regularly make sit clean and tidy. Try to use a mild shampoo. Harsh anti dandruff and formula shampoos should be avoided. Twice or thrice a week wash your hair. And while travelling if your hair is exposed to sun, dirt, dust and smoke then you can wash it daily.
• There is no oil, gels and lotions can grow hair on a bald patch. It only helps in protecting your hair from dust, dirt, chemicals and colours. Always try to oil your hair 30 minutes before taking bath. Keep a comb in your bag and brush your hair twice or thrice a day. Avoid using gels or lotions to your hair and if it is urgent then use water based ones.
Medical treatment for hair growth is also possible with help of Minoxidil and Finasteride. They don’t have side effects and are FDA approved for hair loss problems. These medicine are 90-95 per cent safe for hair loss treatments.

• Certain hair loss medicinal programs are also there which approaches proper hair care, hair vitamins, lifestyle modification and proper diet to stop hair loss.
• If you are suffering from proper hair loss and your roots cannot be revived and no medicines are effective then you can go for hair transplant. There are two types of hair transplant head sensitive and non sensitive. Head sensitive is temporary roots on the top of head and front. Non sensitive is permanent roots on side and back of the head. Permanent roots have receptors which bring changes in body and cause hair loss from roots.

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