MacBook – Please check the general guidance may help you:-

Backup your important files and data: Before making any changes to your operating system, it’s essential to backup your important files and data. You can use Time Machine or any other backup software to create a complete backup of your data.

Create a bootable Mojave installer: You can download the macOS Mojave installer from the App Store. Once the download is complete, use a USB flash drive to create a bootable installer by following the instructions in this article:

Restart your MacBook and access the recovery mode: Restart your MacBook and hold down the Command and R keys until you see the Apple logo. This will bring you to the macOS Utilities window.

Erase the hard drive: Select Disk Utility from the Utilities window and select the hard drive that you want to erase. Click on the Erase button and choose the format that you want to use for your hard drive.

Install macOS Mojave: Close Disk Utility and choose Install macOS from the macOS Utilities window. Follow the on-screen instructions to install macOS Mojave on your MacBook Pro Max M2.

Restore your data: Once the installation process is complete, you can restore your files and data from your backup using the Migration Assistant.

Please note that the steps may vary depending on your specific MacBook and operating system.

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