Setup/Installation: Scoop.It – Social Networks Auto-Poster

Scoop.It uses OAuth 1.0 for authentication and authorization. You need to setup Scoop.It Application, connect this application to your blog and authorize it.

Please see the instructions below:

Scoop.It Configuration

1. Create a Scoop.It app.

1. Login to your Scoop.It account.

2. Go to the Developers->Application Management page:

3. If you already made an application you will see it’s info here, otherwise click “Create an Application” button.


Fill required fields “Application Name” and “Description”, agree to terms, click “Save”


Your App is ready to use.

Connect Scoop.It to your WordPress.

Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Social Networks AutoPoster Options.

Click green “Add new account” button, select “Scoop.It” from the list.

Fill “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” from step 4 above. Fill “Scoopt.It Topic URL” with the last part of your Scoopt.It Topic URL.


Authorize Scoop.It for your WordPress.

Click “Update Settings”. Notice new link “Authorize Your Facebook Account”.


Click “Authorize Your Scoop.It Account” and follow the authorization wizard. Scoop.It will ask you to allow access to your account.


Your account is ready to use.

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