1. Make sure you have all the healthcare in place –

Before bringing home a kitten, you may want to do your homework on how to upkeep your pet’s health. Whether it is tick power or deworming medicine, make sure you consult a veterinarian and keep these medicines in hand. Taking an appointment with a veterinarian will ensure that your cat receives all the health screenings and vaccinations on time.

2. Understand your cat’s nutritional needs –

Make sure that you are reading the nutritional charts on cat food products. Available in wet and dry forms, consult the vet before choosing the right meal options for your cat. As the nutritional intake differs for kittens and cats, ideal foods must include high protein and low carbohydrates to control their weight and prevent obesity. Moreover, make sure that you stock up on those kitty treats!

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3. List out your cat’s grooming essentials –

While cats can bathe themselves and usually do not require shampooing, they certainly need to be brushed from time to time. Investing in a brush or a glove will help in keeping your cat’s shedding in control. Whether you make it a daily routine or set up this task with your cat every 3 days, a set of brushes will not only keep your couch furless, but also provides a gentle massage for your cat.

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4. Do not forget about the entertainment –

Cats are usually lively and happy during playtime. They love scratching surfaces, chasing strings and running ecstatically. A scratching post with all the toys around will help keep the kittens entertained while helping them improve on their cognitive skills. Moreover, this keeps your new kitten from shredding your upholstery.


5. Learn about the litter box –

Being a first-time cat owner could be challenging. You can make things easier for you and your kitten by learning and understanding proper care methods. Keeping the litter box clean will ensure that your cat uses it for defecating. You will need a few tools to assist you with keeping the litter tidy and from spreading germs around the house. There are a lot of deodorizers and odour control methods as well, to keep the litter box clean and tidy. Remember to keep the litter box in a place where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic so your kitten has privacy.

6. Deciphering cat behavior –

Each cat is different from each other, but their instincts and behaviour is more or less similar. From hunting to emotional needs, cats have a wide spectrum of behaviour that you need to be prepared for. Spending more time with your feline and giving them enough attention will help you get a better understanding of their body language and behaviour.

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With unique and individualistic characteristics, a cat can offer years of love, compassion and companionship.

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