Barking at the doorbell or a knock that’s what most dogs do and it’s quite normal for them but it’s not always inviting to visitors. Your dog’s sound can be irritating or unwelcoming or even scary especially to kids and elderly people, who are not used to barking dogs. Usually, dog barks for numerous reasons. To let you know there are intruders in her/his surroundings. In short, your dog feels barking is their job and feels proud about it, and wants you to appreciate them for the same.

But you can turn the tables and teach them not to bark. With patience, little efforts, and time, you can train your furry pal not to bark every time a visitor knocks or rings the bell.

Picking up any one of the below methods, you can easily help you doggy to be a good furry friend who follows your instructions very well.

First Method

The Hush Method

This is a simple method, which you can try for your pooch.

  • Let Treats Do The Work

Buy a treat that your dog dearly loves. Think of some chewy treats or pieces of cheese, meatballs or other doggy treats, anything that your dog cannot resist. The idea here is to reward your pooch once he is getting it right.

  • Introduce Your Neighbor

Bring your neighbor along as a volunteer to assist you. Have them stand at the front door ready to knock or ring the bell when you give your pup the ‘speak’ command. Give order and if your dog does not bark, have your neighbor stand to wait for 2 seconds and then ring the bell or knock the door.

  • If He Barks

At the moment he barks, tell him “YES” and give him a treat. Also, if he barks before the neighbor rings or knocks, you can give him a treat.

  • Repeat The Training

Wait for a while and repeat the same. Each time the neighbor knocks or rings the bell and your dog barks, say YES and give the treat.

  • Hush

Now when he barks, use hush command and at the same time give him a treat. Your dog cannot bark, and eat at same the time, so when he hushes or sniffs around, give him a treat and praise him.

  • Continue Training

Continue training until your dog fully understands what the ‘hush’ command means and that he has to follow it unless you give him permission to speak. This will take time so you need to be patient with your dog training.

Second Method

Ignoring Dog Method

  • Grab An Assistant

Grab a friend or neighbor or family member who can devour an hour a day to help you in your dog training for a few weeks.

You may need to ask different people to assist and ensure the training continues until you need.

  • Ring the Bell

Ask a family member or friend to stand outside the main door and knock on it or ring the doorbell.

  • Ignore the Ring or Knock

Let your dog look to you for guidance. When he does, ignore and pretend you can’t hear the bell or knock. In case he starts to bark at the noise, pretend you don’t hear him too. And, when he ignores the bell too, give him/her a cheesy ball or a treat and praise him.

  • If He Barks

Continue to ignore him if your dog barks at the doorbell or knock on the door.

  • Continue The Same Process

Continue the above training on a daily basis for two weeks or more or until your pooch stops barking at the door when someone rings the bell or knocks at the door. But don’t forget to treat him every single time he doesn’t bark at the knock or doorbell. In a couple of days, he will soon learn to completely ignore the noise.

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