TTinxy Four Channel Smart WiFi Switch

SmartHome : Live a smart and secure life with Tinxy AC/ Geyser Smart WiFi Switch. This is a smart approach for changing the traditional switch into a smart one. Now you can turn ON/ OFF any Air conditioner/ Geyzer/ Heavy Appliance from anywhere, whether you are at home or office. Control any appliance up to 3 KW from any 4G/ 3G smartphone. Own a smart Geyzer/ Air conditioner without replacing one.

Share AccessOne interesting feature about this switch is that the admin can share access with the entire family by just adding their phone numbers to the access list.Scheduler IncludedScheduler lets you Turn on/Turn off your device based on your predefined scheduleEasy IntegratioThe wifi switch integrates with your existing switches so no upgrade needed while installing this device
Safety EnsuredWith this device your switches works on lower voltage preventing shocks which is common with regular switchesCompatibility It is compatible with all the androids and ios phones. It’s also compatible with Alexa and google Home.Works Online & OfflineEven when your internet is down, you can still access your devices via your WiFi

[Dimensions in cms L X W x H] 7 X 3 x 2.4 [Load] Upto 16A per Node , Control any one appliance of your choice, TV, fan , socket, bulb, tubelight , music system etc.

[Two way Switch] Your regular switches can be connected to this device for two way switching

[Online/ Offline ] Works Online & Offline Even when your internet is down, you can still access your devices via your WIFI

[Scheduler/ Timer included] Scheduler lets you Turn on/ Turn off your device based on your predefined schedule, Secure OTP via the app provides 100% security.

Even technical help and product enquiry numbers are great they respond you in very less time.

Pro & Cons : SmartHome


1. It is very compact.

2. You can easily fit into your wall box.

3. You can control 4 devices with it along with your existing wall switch.

4. Wiring is so easy, you don’t need for electrician. (Make sure you have little bit knowledge of what is L & N).

5. If i compare with Sonoff 4 channel device then Tinxy is far better.

6. When power goes out, then it will remember the last position of your switch, weather it is wall switch or app switch.

7. Best thing, if your home WiFi goes down then you can still control your appliances via Tinxy app.

8. 2.4 Ghz WiFi connection is required which not an issue as most of the wifi router have that option.

9. If your WiFi is working fine at your home then you can control your connected tinxy appliances anywhere from the world, you just need in your phone mobile data for just to use tinxy app.

10. Last but not the least… Configration with tinxy app is butter on bread 😬.

11. You can easily setup with Alexa and Google Home as far as I’m using both… Can’t say about siri and other A.I.


1. You cannot control Fan speed.

2. While you connected your fan with it and you are trying to control speed with your existing wall fan regulator and switching from maximum speed to Off mode via regulator then Tinxy conflect with another relay it will tripping one time for just 1 second.

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