Step by step guide to install and configure DHCP Server in Windows Server 2012 R2. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is the core networking protocol to deploy Internet Protocol (IP) address automatically for network clients.

1. Install and Configure DHCP Server Role

To install DHCP Serve go to Dashboard on Server Manager and click Manage then click Add Rules and Features.

Server Manager Dashboard

In the Role installation window select Role-based or feature-based installation the click Next.

DHCP Server Destination Server

Select the Server you want to install DHCP from the Server pool. Here we have one server and select by default.

Add DHCP Server Role

From the Roles list select DHCP Server. When the Add Roles and Features Wizard Page opened, click Add Features then Click Next. This will install required features for DHCP Server.

Windows Features

In the Features window don’t change anything, just click Next.

Give static IP address to system

Windows Features

In the Features window don’t change anything, just click Next.

DHCP Server Information - Save time and money!

Once read the information about DHCP Server and click Next button.

Restart automatically

In the Confirm installation page, select Restart the destination server automatically if required. Click Yes the warning window and click Install.

DHCP Installation Process

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The installation will take a minute, when it has complete successfully click Complete DHCP Configuration link.

DHCP Post-Install

Read DHCP Post-Install configuration wizard description and click Next.

DHCP Authorization

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Set the appropriate user for management of DHCP Server. Here I leave it by default, because the administrator has the right privilege to perform DHCP Server configuration.

DHCP Summary

On the DHCP summery window click Close and close the DHCP Installation page also.

2. Configure DHCP Server and Create Scope

Now try to configure the installed dhcp server and create Scope to lease IP address for clients.

DCHP Management Console

Type dhcpmgmt.msc in Windows Run and press enter to open DHCP management console.

Create New Scope

On DHCP console window expend the domain name and IPv4.  Right click the IPv4 the click New Scope.

New Scope Wizard

Click Next on the New Scope Wizard page.

Scope Name and Description

In the Scope name define the name of Scope and write any description then click Next.

IP Address Range

Assign the start IP address range and the end IP address range. I have set from to which is a class C IP address. Leave the length 24 by default and click Next.

Add Exclusion

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Add the exclusive range prevent them from leasing to client by DHCP Server. The IP address range which reserved are used for Network Servers and popular workstation. Here I add to192.168.100.15.  Just set the IP address and click Add button then click Next.

DHCP Lease Duration

Let the Lease Duration by default and click Next.

Configure DHCP Options

Only click Next the Configure DHCP Options and Yes, I want to configure this option now must be checked.

Router IP Address

If you have router in your network, set the router IP address and click Add button then click Next.

Domain Name and DNS Server

Type your domain name and it’s IP address then click Next.

WINS Servers

Do nothing for WINS Servers, because we don’t use WINS Server ether. Just click Next

Active Scope

In Active Scope windows click Next. Be sure the Yes, I want to active this scope now must checked.

Completing the New Scope Wizard

Finally click Finish to close and complete the installation of DHCP Server in Windows Server 2012 R2.

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