Download Agent Source Code

Download latest windows zabbix agent source code from zabbix official site or use below link to download zabbix agent 3.0.0.

Check the agent configuration file server IP and hostname of Zabbix server should be defined.


Install Zabbix Agent as Windows Service

Lets install zabbix agent as windows server by executing following command from command line.

  • cd C:\\bin\win64

c:\zabbix\bin\win64> zabbix_agentd.exe –config C:\\conf\zabbix_agentd.conf –install

zabbix_agentd.exe -c C:\zabbix\conf\ –install

Works zabbix_agentd.exe –config C:\zabbix_agents-4.2.5\conf\zabbix_agentd.conf –install

zabbix_agentd.exe -c D:\\conf\zabbix_agentd.conf –install

zabbix_agentd.exe –install

zabbix_agentd.exe [9084]: service [Zabbix Agent] installed successfully
zabbix_agentd.exe [9084]: event source [Zabbix Agent] installed successfully



Start/Stop Agent Service

Use following command to start zabbix agent service from command line

c:\zabbix\bin\win64> zabbix_agentd.exe –start

zabbix_agentd.exe [5048]: service [Zabbix Agent] started successfully

c:\zabbix\bin\win64> zabbix_agentd.exe –stop

zabbix_agentd.exe [7608]: service [Zabbix Agent] stopped successfully

Also we can start/stop/restart from windows services control panel. To open services control panel use below steps.

Open run windows >> type “services.msc” >> press enter


Congratulation’s! You have successfully installed Zabbix Agent on Windows

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