We know that you love spending some extra time with your little furballs. National Dog Day is the perfect time to celebrate and shower your furry friend with lots of love and affection, just to make them realize how special they are, after all, happy dogs are the most adorable beings on earth!

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Even if you are not a dog owner, you can contribute to making your society a better place for street dogs. There are so many ways you could spoil yours and all the other doggos out there without being too fancy, as, they only need to feel loved and cared for:

Have Fun With Street Dogs

There would be no one to feed your street dogs if you don’t step up. This Dog Day feed them with love, food, and kindness to let them know they matter. You can also take them to the vet along with your pooch, play with them later, and offer them a comfortable space for cold nights. A little kindness goes a long way, especially when it comes to these fiercely loyal species.

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New Toys For Your Four-Legged Friend

A new toy is a great way of showing that you love them, you can teach them how to play with it and watch them go nuts over it. There is nothing better than seeing your little one running around with his/ her brand new toy.

Throw A Party

You all like partying and meeting your friends, but so do your dog. Invite all your dog’s friends or your friends with dogs and let the fun begin. Your pup will get to play around and munch on delicious treats making it an exciting day for all.

Dog 3

Treat Hour Is Today

Like you, your furball also loves having delicious treats all the time! Get him wagging with his favorite food and treats all day and watch him want to hug you tight for spoiling him.

Click A Selfie

Dress your dog for the occasion and keep making crazy poses with him/ her for some amazing selfies. It is given to show off your little baby to your human friends. Tickle, make them smile, and click!

Dog 4

Dogs are an integral part of society and your family! They are funny, loving, loyal, and always by your side. Even though sometimes their mischief makes you roll your eyes, still you’d never want to part with your pooch.

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